Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Flurries

Unlike the Northeast, we have had nothing in the way of snow this year. (Yes, I realize I probably just jinxed us.) We did have one snow day this week, thanks to the threat of icy conditions which never materialized. Compared to last year, that's nothing. This does not mean the kids haven't wished for snow: They are already eagerly anticipating Christmas in Buffalo next year, despite my dire warnings that they often do not have white Christmases.
Note Frozen Crocs on her feet. She has finally deigned to wear them.
So when I was washing up the lunch dishes yesterday and noticed snow flurries whirling around the air, I called Laura over to come see them. She quickly put on jacket and shoes and scurried outside, trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue and generally running around jubilantly. For about five's not snowy, but it's darn cold!

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