Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Climb Every Mountain...Starting Close to Home

We have now lived in Atlanta nearly 10 years - our anniversary is around May 4. Seems like an epic number, and I would say we have experienced a lot of what the area has to offer. Let me also clarify that we have visited Stone Mountain Park a few times - but we have never climbed the mountain itself.
Presented with a beautiful spring Tuesday (read: no preschool), Stephanie suggested we pack lunches and head to the playground at Stone Mountain. I harbored a secret hope that we might persuade the little girls to climb the mountain, but I wasn't counting on anything. Stephanie was a step ahead of me, however, and drove us directly to the trail head, where we talked up how impressed we were going to be when the girls hiked to the very top (and yes, also bribed with candy).
The trail itself is only one mile, but it is a steep, always ascending and very rocky mile. The girls were beyond impressive, especially since for 90% of the time, they were very concerned to stay ahead of us. The final stretch was a bit daunting, and there was some hand holding, but they persevered!
I have always liked the idea of our family developing a hiking hobby once Laura was a little older. I think we might be there!

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