Thursday, March 12, 2015

Getting Along

There's a series of books on child development, one for each year, that I recall my pediatrician recommending for the early years. The one for four-year-olds is subtitled "Wild and Wonderful," and I'm happy to report that we are seeing more of the "wonderful" side of our four-year-old. At the least, we are seeing a more reasonable side of her!
Before Danny left for school, they played "Santa."
One of my favorite developments of late is the relationship between Danny and Laura. Make no mistake: She still pushes his buttons. A lot. However, she has also learned how to make him laugh, and I find them collaborating on silly games with increasing frequency.
She continues to really enjoy her friend Meghan, planning play dates with gusto - and managing to enjoy them with fewer and fewer meltdowns. This gives me some much-needed breathing room, as she still is glued to my hip more often than not. It's pleasant, as she offers to "help me with my work" or "go with ya!" - but sometimes I really don't need any help!

That said, it's not terrible to have someone who enjoys your company so whole-heartedly...especially when the feeling is increasingly mutual.

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