Sunday, September 13, 2015

Laura's Soccer Career Takes Flight

Feeling fierce before her first practice.
This fall, we decided to bite the bullet and add Laura to the family rotation of activities. The fates took mercy on me by assigning her to a team that practices at the same time and place as Danny's team, which led to a dance of joyous victory on my part.

Although she was verbally not overly enthused going into it, she jumped right in at practice. There was only one practice before the War Eagles' first game, so we weren't too sure what to expect on game day. Turns out she got into it, big time, and never wanted to be on the sidelines! After spending the first few minutes a bit unclear on which direction she should kick the ball, she wound up scoring her team's first goal!
The scoring shot...with Danny standing behind the goal, cheering her on.
Danny was on hand to cheer for her and award her a hug after her goal:
Laura definitely did not shy away from the ball, and if anything will need to be taught the art of passing and sharing with your teammates. But based on this first game, I think the timing was right for her to join the sporting life!

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