Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Caves! (Or, Our Trip to Rock City)

The long weekend meant a great opportunity for a family outing, as did the nice weather, so on Monday we loaded up in the van and headed to Rock City. Situated just on the border of Georgia and Tennessee, Rock City sits high atop a mountain and features spectacular views (theoretically of seven states) as well as some incredible rock formations.
These included many cave-like passages that we all particularly enjoyed watching Tim squeeze through and/or duck under:

"Fat Man's Squeeze"
We ate lunch in the cafe overlooking the place where, during the Civil War, they first discovered you can see seven different states. We remain skeptical, but it was quite scenic nonetheless. After lunch we continued our amblings, including this overlook near a waterfall that height-averse Danny chose to go nowhere near - but Clare was all over it.
I think we all appreciated the opportunity to get away, get some fresh air, and just spend time together. What better way to spend a holiday?

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