Monday, December 21, 2015

Clare on a Mission

Enjoying some Starbucks before heading on the mission.
Service is a core component of Marist School, and something we whole-heartedly endorse. The students have no shortage of opportunity to broaden their horizons while serving others, and Clare seized on the first such chance presented to her: a Christmas mission trip to Kermit, West Virginia. This trip is excluded to roughly 20 7th and 8th graders, and typically is awarded by lottery due to the high volume of kids who would like to go. When Clare told me she submitted her name, she had no idea who else might be on the list. As fate (?) would have it, Abby and Hayden not only signed up, but all three were among the lucky kids selected to go.
This was a no-frills trip. They went via bus, slept on the floor of a classroom for three nights, and were not able to shower or access their electronics very often. But they were busy! They put together meals, shopped and set up a warehouse for families in need to choose gifts for their children, toured the area to get a sense of just how privileged their own lives are. This would be a great experience any time of year, but heading into the abundance of the holidays was ideal.

Clare loved the experience, but she was also happy to be home - and not just because of her comfy bed and warm shower!

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