Thursday, December 31, 2015

Laura the Artist

I've intended to write this post for quite a while...but hey, why not on the last day of the year?! And right before Laura's birthday, upon which she will receive a bunch of art supplies. Coloring, and drawing, is clearly not a passing fancy with this little girl, and she grows more proficient with each page. Well, maybe not with each page, given that she is quite prolific...but she is making her Grammy proud!
Laura and Mommy
Family portrait
She's also making her Mommy proud, because this marvelous past-time keeps her busy in a self-directed way. Even at the airport.
For Laura, coloring someone a picture is the highest form of flattery - and denying someone a picture her greatest insult! When she hears of evil-doing in the world, local or far-away, she often tells me that she will NOT color that criminal a picture. Would that her sense of justice could pervade the rest of the world!

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