Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Swimming Through the Winter

By her own request, Laura returned to swimming lessons as soon as the holidays ended. I had originally intended to get her some brush-up lessons in the spring, before the summer pool season began, but I was more than happy to support her enthusiasm sooner. For one thing, a lot fewer kids take lessons in the winter, so she gets much more instruction time this way.
Not sure where she picked up this pose, but it's her go-to... Sigh.
Given that she was taking lessons, and Clare was joining their swim team, we decided that a membership to the Y made the most sense. Which means we have steady access to their indoor pool - a glorious way to burn energy on the long weekend days! (Happily, Meghan's family belongs, too!)
The above photo shows Laura learning to dive through a hoop. As her end-of-session progress report stated, "Laura is always happy to try anything and likes to push herself to get better." We'll see what happens when she gets in the big, outdoor pool with the big kids, but I think she could have a serious future on the swim team!

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