Sunday, January 3, 2016

Our Live Wire Turns Five

As it does every year, Laura's birthday came upon us fast and furious after the holidays. She was more than ready, might I add! Once again I managed to escape the obligations of a party, with her instead choosing to spend the day with Meghan, mostly at her favorite play place: Catch Air.
The girls kept themselves very busy here, spending a solid two hours before we left for a lunch break at Roasters with Tim, Clare and Danny. After which we returned to Catch Air for another 1.5 hours! They were delighted that, overall, they experienced three of the "dance parties" (see above), when the lights go down, the music goes up, and the bubbles and featured characters come out!
Eventually, we made our way home, where they played while I finished Laura's My Little Pony cake, featuring Princess Celestia. It took a long time, but I do think Laura was quite pleased with the results!
Overall, I think she had a fantastic day, and so far the age of five is treating us all well!

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