Friday, May 27, 2016

Danny as Author

Third grade is kind of a tedious year compared to the excitement of second grade (First Communion! Cursive!), but one of the highlights is definitely the Author's Tea. This is the culmination of several weeks of hard, but fun, work on the students' parts as they each write and illustrate an original book. These books are complete with hardcovers, dust jackets, and "about the author" blurbs. Although tempted to write something in the sports genre, as approximately 90% of the boys did, Danny eventually decided he would write a sequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He titled it, "Swords and Rings," and it is jam-packed with action. Had I been willing to read this trilogy, I'm sure I would appreciate his creation a bit more, but regardless I'm proud of his hard work (even if he did dedicated it to his dad, "a really nice guy.")
At the tea, family members had the opportunity to go around reading and signing books. Laura was happy to oblige on this - but just for Danny. And I think mostly because she got a cookie afterwards.

Before we know it, Laura will be writing her third grade book! I'm going to guess she'll go in a slightly different direction...

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