Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Guardian Angel III

For the third time, today I observed one of my favorite rites of passage at CKS: the meeting of the rising kindergarteners and their Guardian Angels. Although she professed to be "a little bit nervous, and a little bit excited," similar to Danny before her, Laura marched right into the school as though she belonged there - similar to Clare lo these many years ago.
Katie, Laura's GA, is a joy, and as the eldest of two siblings clearly knows how to interact with little ones. Laura seemed quite pleased with her, and immediately showed off the thread bracelet that Katie had braided for her. She later reported that they played duck-duck-goose!

Also similar to Clare, Danny was delighted to see Laura out on the playground, and disrupted his four-square came to come running and picking her up in a squeeze. I suspect he won't maintain this enthusiasm throughout her career at CKS, but it's a nice way to start!

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