Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clare's big day

Happily, the forecasts were wrong and the rain stayed away. Clare donned her beautiful costume, plus her silver ballet slipper necklace and a lovely new ballet bracelet that Aunt Cat gave her, then directed me to "wear something elegant and pretty." We were ready. Clare and her fellow ballerinas took the stage at the Smyrna Jonquil Festival (which was a much more happening scene than we would have imagined) for her first-ever ballet recital. It was, as I predicted, somewhat hilarious, but also very cute. Unfortunately, I let Tim man the camera, and he doesn't fully understand its video function, so we only have spurts of video. But the video clip here did manage to capture Clare's funniest move of the day, so I'm not complaining. It did not get her GIANT yawn in the midst of it all, sadly. She had probably worn herself out: the program cited each dancer's best attribute after her name, and Clare's read "hardest worker." Tim says that's code for "has no talent." We'll let you - and perhaps time - be the judge.