Friday, April 18, 2008

Paolo Nutini was right

Put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right! After a trip to the ice cream store - Clare had her five-year check-up at the doctor today and endured four shots, so ice cream was her reward (or bribe - hey, potato/potahto) - we went to the store for new Crocs for Danny. This was prompted partially by the indentations that his old ones had begun to leave on his feet, but primarily by the horrific odor that has emanated from them these past few weeks. My original intent was to trade his old red ones for new red ones in the next size, but it turns out that he's really in between sizes. So these spiffy green ones have stretchy fabric that keep them in place. We knew they were winners when we asked Danny to take them off so that I could pay for them, and he refused - this after trying on several other pairs that he didn't mind removing in the least. I must say, I feel so blessed - I have two children who love to shop for shoes! Just work harder, Tim.