Thursday, April 24, 2008

Those who can

Today was Future Day at Clare's preschool. This entailed the kids dressing up as what they want to be when they grow up (plus banana splits; I'm still unclear as to how those fit into the "future" theme, but who am I to question?). Clare dressed up as an art teacher, which she declared over a year ago as her future career. She was very excited about this, might I add. She wore a paint-splattered apron and a beret. (Props - ha! - to Amy for that touch, which really made the outfit. Danny later decided it made an excellent golfing cap, surprise, surprise.) She also brought a bag filled with what she deemed essential art supplies, which boiled down to chalk, ink stamps, and a pencil. Obviously we have many years before we see if her plan comes to fruition, but let's recall that each year on Halloween she decides what she will be the following year, and has stuck to those resolutions two years in a row.

One of the things that I find coolest about Clare's proposed career is that it's a blend of her two grandmothers, one a teacher and the other an artist. I was also intrigued that Clare was not the only teacher in the bunch. Her best buddy Nya came as a ballet teacher, and her carpool pal Brooke was a "regular" teacher. Of course, there was also a rock star, astronaut, princess mommy (aren't we all?) and more among the group. But at least 25% of the crew opted to be a teacher, which just highlights the enormous influence they have over children. Thank you Donna, Sara, and all of you wonderful educators out there!