Friday, November 21, 2008

Danny in Wonderland

Danny may have blotted his eventual application to Christ the King today. It was my turn to assist during art class, and I was assured by the room mom that it was perfectly fine to bring Danny with me. She did suggest that I have snacks and something for him to play with. Well, the snacks only lasted during the time we had to wait for the class to arrive (of all days for them to run late). Having seen each place set up with newspaper and pencils, Danny was itching to get his hands on some. He had to wait until the class arrived so that we could see if there was an absent student whose spot he could nab (hence the early consumption of the snacks). Lucky for him, there was a vacant seat. And I was pleased to see that it was between two well-mannered young ladies - anything to help keep him in line so that I could actually turn my back on him for a moment to assist the teacher. However, it was not so lucky for the sweet, quiet, angel-faced girl to his right, to whom Danny began chanting, loudly, "You're naked! You're naked!" No, I have no idea why. I do know that she didn't look terribly pleased with this development, nor do I blame her. Fortunately, the paint bottles started to get pass along, thus distracting everyone, His Rudeness included.

The art project proceeded without too much more disruption, although of course Danny insisted on making one as well. He also proved very deft at talking loudly whenever the teacher would ask the students to be quiet. Awesome. She is a mother herself, so I think she was fairly sympathetic, although her girls are in 8th grade and college respectively, so I imagine she has lost a bit of perspective. Although that might have just been my mortification projecting itself. Anyway, eventually the eternity that was this 30-minute art class ended, and the students lined up to go back to their class. There was a bit of chitter-chatter going on during this lining up, and when the teacher asked who was talking, several of them pointed to Danny. Which wasn't inaccurate. Danny then proceeded to worm his way into the back of the line, much to the amusement of some of the boys. He was fairly devastated when, after marching a few steps with the class, I pulled him aside so that we could leave.

Where, you might ask, was Clare? On the other side of the room, honing that crucial big sister skill of ignoring the little brother. Turns out she's really good at it - she didn't acknowledge him once.

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