Monday, November 10, 2008

Fort Seymour

What to do when you have a whole lot of timber and two imaginative kids? Build them a fort, of course!

Tim and I rolled up our sleeves yesterday and capitalized on my dad's idea to use the chunks of wood from our felled trees to make the kids a fort. Tim's original intention was to stack the pieces 2-3 levels high, but he quickly realized how unstable they would be, and didn't want somebody getting crushed (and the likes of Eric B. suing us). Still, the one-story fort - and the process of creating it - met with the kids' ecstatic approval. Danny particularly enjoyed hauling wood as he "helped" Tim.

Clare immediately set about creating a password for it, which shortly transformed into a password/song.

Then the playing began. Enemies, beware!

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ccjamesphotography said...

Hmmm, that's a pretty high-tech building you got going on there. Did you fill out an architectural review request form? :) Hee-hee!