Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maybe the Pessimists Are On to Something

It's Sunday night. Danny is asleep. And I have only the smallest of piles of underwear awaiting laundry. It's been a shockingly successful weekend. We were prepared for the worst, in fact assumed it would be torture, and instead have extremely positive progress to report! Fear not, I am not going to give any graphic tallies. Suffice it to say that the successes vastly outnumbered the accidents. I can't help but wonder if it feels so sweet precisely because we expected the opposite?

We are not out of the woods yet, and I feel compelled to go ahead and spend tomorrow at home with Danny. It remains to be seen what I decide to do about school this week. The mere fact that I am considering sending him, however, is a testament to how differently the weekend went compared with our expectations.

In case you're wondering, the picture of Danny with the balloons is from the very first hour of PT. I opted to go with a celebratory atmosphere (a "potty party," if you will), and I have to say it won him over from an initially grouchy state of putting on underwear and no pants. The balloons have also proven to be a source of excellent entertainment in between the somewhat alarming number of TV shows we have permitted him to watch. Balloon tennis may be my new favorite game. Who needs a Wii?

And because my posts have been so Danny-centric of late, I wanted to post a picture of Clare from today. She was decked out for her classmate Caitlin's "Fancy Nancy" birthday party. She came up with the ensemble entirely on her own and was quite pleased with the results. We were happy that she had this soiree (that's how Fancy Nancy would refer to the event) to attend, because we've been such a preoccupied house. To her credit, she's been a very supportive big sister. But she's also five, so I think she's more than ready for Mom and Dad to divide their attentions more evenly again. That makes three of us.

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