Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Next Generation

Yesterday I had two separate volunteer opportunities at CKS. The first was in the lunch room, helping kids open applesauce containers, throwing away trash, cleaning tables. Refreshingly similar to what lunch used to be like when I was in school.

Next I headed to help with Clare's first grade class in the computer lab, where they go once a week. I remember being a bit amazed last year that kindergarteners were learning computer skills at such a young age, whereas it was college before I became remotely proficient in them. But this year is truly mind-boggling. The first graders are making individual Power Point presentations on the alphabet. Each letter gets a page, and the students have to include a picture of the letter plus three images of words that begin with that letter, all of them labeled. I was already stunned when they each logged in and went to the server to open their files, then moved on to open the particular programs they needed. Let me remind you that they are six. Just imagine what they will be able to do when they go to college.

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Jennifer A Morlan said...

Ok, so just try to imagine how this makes ME feel! ;-)