Friday, November 6, 2009

Trophy Kid

Danny's soccer team had a slightly early end-of-season celebration tonight after the game. There are still two games left in the season, but in order to accommodate the coaches' schedules we opted to toast the Magic tonight. Fortunately, the trophies had already arrived - because let me tell you, the majority of these kids definitely had their eyes on the prize!

Honesty compels me to mention that Danny's season didn't exactly go as we had blithely assumed it would based on the first game. I mean, he put forth a decent effort and stayed relatively engaged (relatively being the operative word). He's not terribly aggressive, though, and hasn't exactly developed his follow-through. Then again, he's three, and if this experience has taught us anything it's that three-year-olds really don't need to be playing actual games. That said, he was always enthusiastic and I imagine he'll be gung-ho once the spring season comes around.

I don't know, though, if he'll match the excitement he had for tonight's festivities. "I'm going to tell everyone that my mom brought trophies and cupcakes!" And sure enough, the minute we arrived at the fields he made his announcement. As soon as his game ended, he raced over to where I had laid out the precious cargo, waved his hands towards the treasure and said, "Everyone! Here are the trophies and cupcakes!" A veritable stampede followed.

So, while we have no actual record of wins, losses, or even scores, it appears to have been a winning season.

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Jennifer A Morlan said...

Wow! sounds like you are the one who made the magic for this team ;-) Danny is so-o-0 cute and funny. Can't wait to see him ---and all of you--soon. luv to all