Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bitter Cold

So yeah, the ATL got a bunch of snow yesterday. I grudgingly admit that it's gorgeous...but it's also a sight that really makes Tim and I do a double-take every time we look out our windows. An activity, might I add, that I am doing far more frequently than I would have liked. You see, as I write I am supposed to be in Copper Mountain, Colorado with three of my best friends from college. A girls' weekend, full of skiing, and Euchre, and, well, not being a mom.

But here I am, writing this in between fulfilling requests for more cereal, another episode of Dinosaur Train, or listening to yet another explanation of what Clare is doing in her room. The snow yesterday wreaked utter havoc on the airport, so ultimately my flight was canceled (but not before they strung me along until 40 minutes before scheduled take-off). And I know I owe it to my family to take the high road, conceal my bitterness and basically just suck it up. Which I will do, I swear. But man, it would sure be a lot easier to do that if I could actually leave the house for a bit. Icy roads, you can feel free to thaw any minute now. Really. My family is begging you.

In the meantime, here is the view from the front of the house:

And here's the view from the back:

I realize this pales in comparison to what our friends and family in D.C. have experienced lately, but it sure defies our typical impression of Hotlanta!

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Mary Beth said...

Liz, I am so, so sorry!!! What an absolute bummer. Sounds like you are being a good sport, given the soul-crushing situation. I too am heading for a 24-hour non-kid getaway tomorrow and I would be curled in a ball crying if a little snow cancelled those plans! Hugs to you!