Friday, February 5, 2010

Budding Author

This past week was "Catholic Schools Week." In between things like "Silly Sock Day" and the like, CKS takes the opportunity to recognize each student in a morning ceremony (usually two grades at a time, so we parents aren't subjected to a program that runs too long). Last year, we discovered that the Kindergarteners were grouped into three categories. So while they did indeed call Clare up individually, she was just one of several kids who received the "Understanding" award. Therefore, I wasn't expecting too much from this year's event. I was pleasantly surprised.

This year each class had a distinct award for every student. "Curious Scientist," "Golden Rule," "Miss/Mr. Manners" are some examples. There were also awards for "Super Spellers," "Avid Readers" and "Bookworms." When Clare was not designated with one of these reading titles, I began to wonder just how well her teacher knows her...or if the competition in her class is stiffer than I realized. But then Mrs. Roux called out, "Clare Seymour, our Budding Author." In my totally biased opinion, I think that's even better! Her teacher went on to say (as written on the certificate), "Clare writes her stories with great expression and creativity." Yes, my chest was puffed out just a little.

If she would get around to finishing them, I think she already has two bestsellers in the works. One is a story wherein Katie Kazoo meets Judy Moody at the park. Those Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover events have nothing on this story concept! And for the testosterone-driven, she's working on a story that incorporates ninjas, knights, dinosaurs and Darth Vader. James Cameron, give us a call.


Sarah said...

What a lovely recognition for your smart, creative girl! Maggie has a wee bit of trouble finishing her stories as well, but one out, world.

Pry into the Pryor's said...

Oh, our sweet Clare. Do you think she will acknowledge us when she is famous? Sure she will!

Amy B said...

Katie Kazoo? Judy Moody? What great names!

Crystal said...

That makes my eyes water - what a proud moment! :)