Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paging Doctor Dan

Danny may need to lay down his lasso and pick up a stethoscope. His diagnostic skills certainly surpass those of his parents, as we learned last night.

Danny had a very active day, particularly in the afternoon. Grandpa showed up, which jolted Danny into overdrive. He proceeded to run around like a maniac while Clare was in her gymnastics class, so much so that by the time we got home he was hoarse and obviously tired.

He ate some dinner, during which he announced that his cough was back (back from several months ago), and then looked very accusingly at Tim (who has, to be fair, been laid up with the flu and then an allergic reaction for a solid week). Tim apologized profusely, Danny pitifully agreed to forgive him, and then asked me if he could go to bed. Okay, sure!

He then began giving me instructions for setting up his humidifier. Because, you know, his cough was back. Mind you, I had not heard him cough once. So Tim and I laughed, and I told Danny that I thought a good night's sleep would suit him just fine. He proceeded to ask me for his humidifier for another five minutes or so, but finally realized I was not going to relent and cheerfully headed up for bedtime.

At around 11 p.m. I was suddenly aware of some strange sounds coming from Danny's monitor. I would hear him mumble something, and then make seal-like noises. I really thought he was pretending to be a seal. And then I woke up further and realized he was probably not playing. Sure enough, I opened his door and he was crying to me, "My cough is back!" and then making those atrocious sounds that only the croup-afflicted can make.

So, Danny and I spent some time in the bathroom with a steamy shower running. My sweet boy cuddled with me on my lap and at one point even apologized for waking me up! Meanwhile, Tim set up the humidifier in Danny's room, and we got him back to bed. He slept fine the rest of the night, and today is a chipper chicken. We can't even tell if he remembers last night's episode. He must not, or else we would have surely heard those four little words: I told you so!


Mary Beth said...

These kids, they always know how to humble us! Sorry to hear he was sick, but what a funny story... Reminds me of when MacGregor had the stomach flu last year and I thought I heard him goofing around in the bathroom in the middle of the night... I got up, ready to be mad, only to find him throwing up in the sink. Poor kid.

Jennifer A Morlan said...

So sorry to hear that your guys have been under the weather; poor Danny and poor Tim. They are both so sweet and defy the male stereotype of terrible patient.
I still see Danny as a cowboy, though! :-P momster