Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

A hectic spring break travel schedule has prevented me from being the punctual blogger I strive to be, but sometimes I just need to relax, right? Now that I'm home and attempting to re-acclimate to EDT, I'll try to catch up.

We had a West Coast Easter this year, celebrating at Grammy and Grampy's along with Aunt Sara and the beloved Katy and Nicki (unfortunately Uncle John had to attend his great-uncle's funeral in Montana). We had the usual Easter finery, baskets and the like, but as usual the real excitement was simply spending time together. And laughing at things Danny said, such as his delight over "lamb on a stick," which was really a sumptuous rack of lamb which Grampy prepared.

The day before Easter, while we were anxiously awaiting the cousins' arrival, Tim and I took the kids over to the beach. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we reveled in the sand. The water was still a bit too chilly for swimming, but Tim and Clare still managed to do a bit of wave hunting. Danny gave the ocean a fairly wide berth but was very focused on assisting Tim with the construction of the sand castle and its moat.

More to come on spring break, but one last note about Grammy and Grampy's house: Early spring is the perfect time for oranges, and they have a bountiful grove on their property. So each morning we were all treated to freshly squeezed oranges from the sweetest oranges I have ever tasted (and you should have smelled the orange blossoms!). And who did the squeezing? None other than Clare, who has since requested that we get a juicer. I had to explain that it's a bit pointless without the phenomenal oranges to go with it...

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Jennifer A Morlan said...

glad you're back to blogging; I've missed it, and of course miss all of you. thanx for a wonderful visit. luv to all, momster