Monday, April 12, 2010

'Everything's Better with Katy and Nicki'

That pretty much sums up our spring break this year. Given her propensity to be a pleaser, Clare generally goes with the flow and makes the best of a situation. This time around, however, Clare was audibly sad about leaving her cousins and California. She even told me that she wished we lived in San Jose - this from the girl who has told me in the past that she never wants to move, not even out of our house. She informed me that the four of them had decided they would all live together in the same house when they're older. I suspect Danny will get booted from this pact sooner than the rest, but for now it's cute.

We did do a lot of fun things with the girls (Sara included, of course). A rainy Monday delayed our Legoland plans, so we hit Chuck E. Cheese with Jen, Kelsey and Colleen (where I failed to take any pictures). The kids had a blast, and happily I did not emerge with a headache, so it was a win-win. Tuesday was absolutely gorgeous, so apparently everyone in the surrounding area decided it was the right day for Legoland, as the traffic was positively atrocious. The lines for rides were long, too, but Clare and Danny were still pretty darn happy to be there. I fear Katy and Nicki have outgrown the park, but they were pleasant troopers.

There was no doubt that knight-obsessed Danny would have a great time, and when we found "The Royal Joust" ride he was nearly overcome with excitement. He also requested the photo op with the giant knight statue. In fact, I may have to frame this picture and put it in his room, as often as he has asked to see it.

The entire ride experience reminded me that while Clare and I don't share a lot of physical similarities, she is definitely my child. She did not want any part of the roller coasters (even when Danny braved the Dragon Coaster with his cousins and Aunt Sara) or spinning rides. She was happy as a clam on the tame rides, which is exactly what I was like at her age. Life really does come full circle.

The day after Legoland we flew up to San Jose to spend a few days at "Katy and Nicki's house." We visited the Children's Discovery Museum and had a picnic in a terrific park. We celebrated Sara's birthday, and I went for a couple of runs in their gorgeous neighborhood. But mostly the kids just played, off by themselves, which is why I took so few pictures! Judging by Clare's despondence, though, you can imagine how much fun they had.

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