Friday, August 6, 2010

Bay Beach Bums

With the exception of one summer, we have been so fortunate to visit the Wards' beach house at Bay Beach, Ontario every year since Clare was one. Last summer and this, we even got to go twice. It's a beautiful setting, never too hot, and shallow enough that even the most timid of swimmers can go out a fair distance independently. Bliss.

Yesterday we made our second visit of the summer, and this time Tim and Larry joined us, too. The kids were especially happy, because Daddy tends to do a lot more fun stuff in the water with them than I do. This year Clare, after looking longingly at the floating dock for two years, Clare finally screwed up her courage to swim out and jump off of it. Then, with Daddy as her companion, she got to go to the farther dock at the end of the boat house and spend some time jumping. Though the beach remains constant, the ever-evolving nature of kids makes each visit a new experience.

Overall, we are reveling in some glorious Buffalo-style summer weather. As there is a raging heat wave going on at home, we're soaking up as much outdoors time as possible (certain members are doing this on the golf course). In fact, I think I'll grab my book and step outside...

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