Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 1, Grade 2

Second grade. This is where I really start remembering my own school years. Possibly because that was the year I started at St. Mary's, wearing a plaid uniform similar to Clare's, and sporting some rather splayed-ended-pigtails. Anyway, now it's Clare's turn to be a second grader, and she is delighted. Early this morning, after she emerged from her room dressed for school, Tim observed to her that she looks so old. Danny found this hilarious and said, "No, YOU look old." Et tu, Brute?

When I asked her what she thought would be the very first thing they would do today, figuring she'd say something along the lines of introductions, she said, "Learn cursive!" She is dying to learn cursive, despite the fact that she has already taught herself the rudimentary elements of it. Ah, so quaint. Doesn't she realize that the world is now a typing machine and no one hand-writes anything anymore?? When I told her that they probably wouldn't get to that first thing, and maybe not even today, it being just a half day, she optimistically said that they would get to it tomorrow, then. Right. Good luck, Mrs. Talley!

Having gotten the report on the first day, Clare has informed me that they won't tackle cursive until after Christmas. Fortunately, the teacher and the day in general seemed to outweigh this particular disappointment. She has told me at least twice, "You would LOVE Mrs. Talley." She's still adjusting to the fact that several of her friends and classmates from first grade are in a different class, but there are other friendly faces she's happy to have with her in second grade.

I figure that it must have been a pretty good day, since she proceeded straight for the playroom to play school. This was much to Danny's chagrin. For the past few weeks, the two of them have been self-proclaimed "best friends," and really have played together more than ever before. Tim and I predicted that this would slow down once she returned to school and her big kid ways. However, just the other day she observed to me, "I'm glad I'm not an only child. If I was, I wouldn't have anyone to play with." So there's hope for Danny, even if it's pared down a bit from their summertime antics.

I also take great cheer in the fact that when Mrs. Talley asked them today to share one exciting thing from their summer/lives, Clare opted to tell her about the baby we're expecting (though she quickly told me that she's eager to tell her about the historic village we visited, and her sunbonnet). I also learned that she already shared this information with Mrs. Roux, her first grade teacher. Sometimes, despite her chattiness, it's hard to know just what Clare is thinking. It makes me very happy to know that a new sibling - and playmate - is so newsworthy. And hey, just when the reality of a newborn starts to wear off, we have cursive to look forward to. Phew!

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