Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Genesee Country Village & Museum

Props to Donna (and Larry) for keeping us busy with a bevy of excursions we've never tried before. There have been more outings than I have been able to keep up with on the blog, such as Danny's aforementioned "bug camp" at the Tifft Nature Preserve with Grandma; visit to Fort Erie; a miniature golf outing with Grandpa; and yesterday's visit to the Buffalo Science Museum (the robotic dinosaurs on exhibit were a big hit with both kids, though Danny gave the T.Rex a wide berth).

Today we trekked to the Genesee Country Village & Museum. I had high hopes for this one, particularly as Clare has been so interested in history and the American Girls. It didn't disappoint, either! I knew we were in for a good experience when we heard pipes and drums as we walked from the parking lot - it was a sound right out of the "Felicity" movie.

The village is reconstructed with genuine buildings from three eras, ranging from Pioneer to Antebellum to Turn-of-the-Century. Predictably, the schoolhouse was one of Clare's favorite spots. Danny favored this one, too, although he was also on the lookout for "fighting" spots the entire day (the gunsmith satisfied this concern).

While some of the buildings only allow a peek from the doorway, several are active, staffed with costumed, knowledgeable personnel who provided the context and purpose of each specific spot. This house, along with the schoolroom, was one that the kids insisted on visiting a second time before departure. They enjoyed making cornmeal, but there was also a two-month-old kitten who was quite the draw.

Among the hands-on activities were trying their hands at tinsmithing, which produced lovely silver ornaments (after some elbow grease from myself and Donna). Clare enjoyed the print shop, and the brewery was a pretty interesting spot as well. These people all worked really hard!

At the end of the day, Clare walked away with a fetching sunbonnet that she had admired throughout the day. The plan is for it to be part of her Halloween costume. Who knows if that'll stick, but it's pretty cute. (Not to be outdone in the souvenir department, Danny opted for a completely anachronistic plastic knight's sword. It was on clearance as it no longer lights up or makes sounds, which means it was perfect.)

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