Monday, December 6, 2010

Tree Trimming Time

As usual, the Christmas season is rolling by at a quick clip. This past weekend it was time to make our annual trek to Home Depot to pick out our tree, which we decorated later in the evening. All four of us really look forward to this tradition, especially since it's accompanied by our tasty buffet. Clare and Danny didn't take the decorating quite as seriously as last year, as they were distracted by some game of their invention. However, since it kept them happily occupied without parental intervention, Tim and I were content to be the consistent trimmers. There was a certain amount of excitement for hanging the ornaments we bought at Wilderness Lodge in Disney - the trip that continues to crop up in conversation. One of the reasons why the ornaments we buy on vacations are typically my favorites!

We are very pleased with the results, too. We found our tree very quickly, but judging by its straight stature and lack of gaping holes, I don't think we made a hasty decision at all. We put the spare tree shopping time to good use, too, and picked up a beautiful lighted angel for our front yard. She's struggled a bit these past few windy nights, but the overall effect is quite nice.

After the tree was finished, Clare asked if we could sing Christmas carols. At my suggestion, she accompanied us on piano, which was very sweet if not professional quality. Hopefully this will become an annual tradition, too!

And so we have one more event under our belt, as Christmas and Baby Girl draw nearer!

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