Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making His List

As much as I love to listen to Christmas music and the merry sounds of the season, of late there has been a much sweeter music to my ears. Over the past few weeks, Danny has been on a phonetic streak, sounding out words right and left and truly entering the world of reading. I definitely credit his teacher and school with this, and I also applaud Danny for an academic enthusiasm that, if I'm really being honest, never would have imagined him possessing.

The cutest example thus far took place just a couple of days ago. As we put the Thanksgiving decorations away and began the Christmas transformation of the house, both kids asked when they should make their lists. "The sooner, the better!" Later that same day, Danny got himself a piece of paper and announced that he was going to go make his list. I assumed I'd be hearing from him shortly thereafter for some help. Not so. A while later, as I was walking past the playroom, I heard him sounding out "Playmobil," "LEGOs," and "book." He was totally in the zone, and happy to work independently.

As you can see from his list, his fine motor skills haven't quite caught up with his mind. At the same time, I really appreciate that he opted to do his best, on his own. The editor in me cringes that he spelled "book" B-U-C, but the mom in me understands where my four-year-old arrived at this spelling. I really am very proud of him, as I also wonder just where my baby boy went?

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