Friday, July 8, 2011

An All-American Fourth

It's become an annual ritual for the kids and I (and occasionally Tim) to spend the Fourth of July in Topeka, Kansas with my dad's side of the family. For me this is coming full circle, as I spent many fourths visiting Kansas when I was a kid. Clare and Danny love it every bit as much as I did, especially because it provides the perfect reunion with Katy and Nicki. My dad said he has already burned in his mind the wonderful memory of Danny, pulling his suitcase across the street and then throwing it down and racing into Nicki's arms the moment he saw her come out of the house.

In addition to do-it-yourself fireworks, swimming, and barbecuing, we added to the festivities this year by heading over to Jon and Brittney's neighborhood for a charming Fourth of July parade. We didn't know what to expect but figured any sort of outing would be fun. It turned out to be perfect. Different groups would drive or even walk by, frequently tossing candy to the children waiting along the street. Lots of dogs were in attendance, not to mention funny or cute vehicles. It was exactly the Americana-esque image you would expect from a Midwest neighborhood parade, and we're already planning how we can participate next year!

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