Saturday, July 30, 2011

Idle Ideals

While we are fortunate to visit with each other multiple times throughout the year, I definitely look to the annual summer trips to the grandparents' homes as important sources for memories. I imagine my children recalling their summer excursions with the same fondness that I do my own childhood trips. Similarly, I hope that the grandparents form happy memories of their charming grandchildren.

Of course, not every moment goes smoothly, and one of the many reasons I am so game for these extensive travels is because I know that both sets of grandparents truly understand that kids are not always perfect. Logically, I also recognize that the good memories outlast the bad.

That being said, my inner perfectionist still squirms over each misstep, and my notorious lack of patience is clearly not the right equipment for coping with repeated days of whining and moping. Which, sadly, is what I feel that I have had from Danny this summer. As I lamented previously regarding Laura, it's a bit of a guessing game when it comes to Danny's emotional state. Is it his age, and the impending move to kindergarten? Is it he overtired? Does he miss his dad? Is it the dreaded Middle Child Syndrome? Have I ruined him with too much exposure to electronics?

If I'm being honest, I suspect the answer is yes to all of these. When I'm being hopeful, I suspect that I might be overreacting a bit, too. After all, we're having a great time. We've made a lot of wonderful memories, with more to come. As a parent, I know there are always ways in which I can improve. And there are also always going to be days, even weeks, when kids are not perfect. With any luck, I'll have this concept truly cemented in my mind by the time I'm a grandparent.

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