Monday, July 18, 2011

La Jolla

Translated from Spanish, La Jolla (spelled properly: La Joya) means "the jewel," and a more aptly named spot is hard to imagine. Ever since his first visit to San Diego, Tim and I have been especially fond of La Jolla, not least because that's where he proposed. We also had a marvelous time when celebrating a good friend's wedding there a couple of years ago. This was the first time we took the kids, though, and it proved to be a terrific way for Tim to spend his first day on vacation in California. The weather was glorious, the views spectacular, and the company delightful, even if they didn't really appreciate the romance or significance of the location. Though she doesn't appear in any of these pictures, Laura was along for the ride and seemed very content here - as were we all.

While I strolled Laura around and eventually found a convenient place to nurse her, Tim, Clare and Danny walked down to Shell Beach and enjoyed the waves, rocks, and sea lions nearby:

This was the view I enjoyed while giving Laura a snack:

Sea lions:

Clare and Danny with one of the many beautiful backdrops:

A sign of a great day:

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