Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nine Months

For reasons I can't really articulate well, nine months always seems like a big milestone to me. Laura is clearly on the cusp of some major developments, namely crawling (she's consistently getting up on all fours and rocking a bit) and getting herself to a sitting position. As we have already mentioned, she is quite the determined little baby who is, as Donna has put it, not really that fond of being a baby. She wants to be independent, and she wants to be like her big brother and sister. She loves to grab the spoon from me and try to feed herself; she loves to do the sippy cup herself until she gets frustrated at her inability to satisfy her thirst; and she loves any and all table food I will give her that she can deal with on her own.

Her striking blue eyes continue to garner comments from passersby on a seemingly hourly basis. Between those and her very blonde hair, it's sometimes tough for me to see similarities between her and Clare and Danny. But then she'll make an expression that looks very familiar. So, I've posted pictures of nine-months-old Clare and ten-months-old Danny:

Even if she bears resemblance to them, she is developing a personality that is all her own - and, of course, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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