Sunday, December 4, 2011

Danny the Groom

It would seem that Danny's "big personality" (that phrase showed up again on Danny's latest progress report) may lead him down a theatrical path. Last week he was chosen to be the groom (a.k.a. U) in the annual, Kindergarten-wide Q & U Wedding. When I first mentioned this to him, he burst into tears, fearful that this would mean he had to kiss. Horrors! But he quickly adjusted his attitude and assumed the role with pride. And this was before he knew there would be cake!

Parents were not invited to attend the affair, but the school has a terrific photographer, so I have poached the photos from her. This really looks like such a cute event, complete with Fr. Frank presiding and a reception that included dancing "The Twist" and "YMCA." It just doesn't get much more fun than Kindergarten, does it?

I do hope that this is my last stint as mother of the groom for several years, however.

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