Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Best Tree Yet

We picked a beauty this year. With our soaring ceilings, I'm always in favor of taller trees, and Tim usually scales us back to something he thinks we might actually be able to hoist ourselves. This year we managed to satisfy both criteria (all courtesy of The Home Depot, of course).

While there are plenty of milestones throughout the year that highlight the passage of time, there is something poignant about putting up our tree every year that really makes me reflect on how swiftly the years fly. It just doesn't seem that long ago that I was an eight-year-old eagerly pointing out my favorite ornaments and savoring the delights of our tree-trimming buffet. Both Clare and Danny really pulled their weight this year as far as decorating went, although Danny did take several moments to pause and read the ND board book we recently rediscovered on Laura's bookshelf. (To say he is obsessed is a big understatement.)

As far as our feast this year went, we added something that I suspect will be requested again next year: chocolate fondue for dessert. De-lish! Afterwards, Clare once again played Christmas carols for us on the piano, and then we all sat and admired our work.

Laura was fairly intrigued by the tree, which was completed after she went to bed. The next day she put her newly improved crawling skills to use by grabbing an ornament and then making a break for it across the room. She's such a cute little bandit that I really didn't do much about it. Third child!

The kids are naturally looking forward to seeing a mound of presents under the tree, but for now I am enjoying its tall splendor and the fabulous aroma, which is my favorite smell in the world. Worth every single pine needle.

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