Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last-Minute Snippets

With Christmas vacation in full gear, we're cramming in all the holiday traditions and activities that we can. Including the above visit to Santa, which was very last-minute. Once again, I didn't plan on visiting the big guy, and once again Danny asked when we'd be going. Fortunately, we timed the line right again (5 minutes before the jolly elf went on a one-hour break, no less) - and even managed to get Laura to sit on his lap! Sure, they all look like they're posing for a mug shot, but you can't have everything.

Leading up to vacation we had Clare's lovely composition on the season:

Danny's charming performance at the CKS Christmas mass, which the Kindergarten/Pre-1st classes lead:

And even some neighborhood caroling, which sounds like will become an annual event:

Still to come are the Lights of Life, 'Rudolph' at the Center for Puppetry Arts, dinner and a sleepover with the Francos, and then Christmas Eve and Christmas! And then California! Maybe I should get a jump start on that long winter's nap. Or at least hope that Laura does.

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