Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Laura's #1!

Insert any and all expressions of disbelief, but Laura's first birthday has passed us by nevertheless. You can chalk it up to third child syndrome if you like, but we opted to celebrate her big day in a pretty spontaneous manner. As she gets older (and more aware), we'll use the occasion as a nice diversion from the post-holiday blues. But this time around, when I knew full well that she would be clueless, we just decided to make it one of the things we did while gathered with the family for the holidays. Particularly since she's so iffy when it comes to large gatherings of people, I didn't want to plan a major event and be frustrated when she didn't perform to expectations.

So with that disclaimer aside, we had a great, 45-minute celebration! We used the supplies-gathering trip to the Dollar Store and grocery as entertainment for the birthday girl in the morning, and then used her afternoon nap and lengthy walk with Daddy to bake the cake and decorate the house. The siblings and cousins did a stellar job with a birthday banner and elephant poster (it was going to be a rousing game of "Pin the Tail on the Elephant," but that just never transpired) - both of which now hang proudly in the playroom.

I will admit she disappointed me a bit with her reaction to the cake, which was lackadaisical at best. Then again, she had 10 of us staring at her, so I'll cut her some slack. She did really enjoy the balloons, though, and didn't mind one bit that she was tangled up in them as she crawled around the house and explored the pantry. You'll notice that she even humored us by wearing the silly hat headband for a portion of the proceedings.

Of course, we spent her actual birthday on the airplane, flying home from CA. Let's just say it's a good thing it was her birthday, or we might have tossed her. She has now secured herself her own seat from now on. But she has also secured a soft spot with every one of us!

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