Monday, January 16, 2012

One-Year Portraits

Before I discovered the world of quality, candid photography, I made several visits to the chain portrait studios, starting when Clare was three months old. In fact, when she was three months old I got some really darling shots - enough to motivate me to keep trying. With Danny I wasn't quite as diligent, although when I did go I still got some cute ones. With Laura, the three-month portrait was such a flop that I didn't try again until her one-year. I mean, you have to have the one-year portrait, right? If for no other reason than to provide material for another comparative blog post.

Clare's one-year portrait mostly serves to remind me that I waited far too long for her first haircut. She also cried a lot at this sitting, which she had never done before.

Danny's was adorable. Still hangs on our wall to this day, and I love the second one, too.

Laura's is fair to mediocre. She didn't cry, but wouldn't smile and at times went on a bit of a rant to the photographer. But, they chronicle her personality at this point!

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