Friday, January 20, 2012

The Life and Loves of Danny

While unpacking Danny's backpack yesterday, I found the pictured writing assignment. It highlighted for me how passionate he gets about his interests. First there was golf. Then, cowboys, knights, and Playmobil. Then Star Wars. As we learned early on with Danny, when he gets into something, he goes deep. Now, since the fall football season began, he has turned his attention completely to sports. He has even gone so far as to say, "Sports are cooler than Star Wars," and chooses to watch You Tube videos of sports rather than new episodes of The Clone Wars. Let me specify: Notre Dame sports. The Irish may have had yet another disappointing season, but that has not deterred Danny from being an avid fan!

What is perhaps most fascinating about his passionate pursuits is how little can trigger them. While he was all football, all the time (literally - it was brutal trying to get him to discuss anything else at the dinner table, or in the car - our carpool suggested that he is already ready for a career on ESPN) just a week ago, he has now decided that hockey is his calling in life. The only thing I can point to is that trailer for the Notre Dame hockey arena dedication that I found via Facebook and decided to show him while I showered. Seriously, after a three-minute trailer he has been nonstop hockey. He made signs that he taped to the walls downstairs, replicating the arena, brought a hockey stick upstairs, and now regularly runs around with it and his 'puck,' which is fortunately a small nerf ball.

He did don his football jersey again yesterday afternoon, after a round of hockey, so I guess he's not ready to let that interest fall away entirely. Either way, Tim has decided he needs to steer him towards hoops. 'Tis the season, after all, not to mention it's a heck of a lot cheaper than hockey and less dangerous than football. Mostly, though, I think Tim is relieved to have a break from the incessant light saber fights. I fear, though, that if he is successful in winning Danny's interest in basketball, Clare and I will be outnumbered when it comes to dinnertime conversation.

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