Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great Moments with Danny and Parker

Spring soccer season is in full gear, and as a three-year veteran of the sport Danny is focused, motivated and fired up to play every week. While he is Mr. Sports these days, I also know that part of his enthusiasm comes from the opportunity to see Parker regularly. In different schools and neighborhoods, it's hard to make that happen in spontaneous ways. Fortunately, they continue to want to play the same sport and on the same team. Better still, Amy is infinitely generous and lets Danny play and eat dinner with them on Mondays before practice, all to accommodate Clare's swimming and Laura's baby schedule.

This season's team boasts an energetic set of team parents who bring their very nice camera skills to both practice and games, leading to the above picture. This 'chest' bump took place after a nice pass-and-score play between the two of them. I love it, both because I wasn't there in person to see the game (three kids really does a number on the family schedule) but also because it brought to mind the many other terrific photos I have of these two:

I still remember sitting with Amy in the playroom, peeking out the window and finding our newly-turned three-year-olds as below:

Our still-two-year-olds on one of our great playdates at the Plummers' (pretty sure Tim has tried to block this shirt of Danny's from his consciousness):

A soccer practice precursor to the chest bump:

And this Crystal James classic from Danny's 4th birthday party:

Love these photos, and love these boys!

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