Friday, March 23, 2012

More Hand-Me-Downs

Spring has more than sprung around here, so Laura's spring wardrobe has gotten a workout. Today she sported one of the few hand-me-downs left from Clare's babyhood (alas, the sweater didn't make it past Clare, but then again here in the ATL we don't really need it). Here's Clare wearing it on one of her visits to the Golden Dome (and I do not mean the Georgia State Capitol):

Here's a blurry shot of Laura wearing it while happily cruising around, recently recovered from her bout with the croup and an ear infection (first one ever for a Seymour child):

As I scanned through Clare's baby pictures to find the above, I saw a lot of similar expressions between these two sisters. They may not be strikingly close in looks, but they're definitely related. It was a bit poignant to look back through Clare's pictures, too, so close to her ninth birthday!

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