Thursday, March 8, 2012

How's It Going?

Last night at dinner, Danny was discussing a school friend's disputes with his brother. He and Clare wondered why the brothers don't get along (because yes, Clare and Danny always get along. HA!) "I love having a little brother," declared Clare. After a short pause, she then asked, "Danny, do you like having a little sister?" After a longer pause, Danny replied "Well, it's going well, but..." Clare and I erupted into peals of laughter at this particular phrasing, so I don't really know what his "but" was about, though it's easy enough to guess. She is, after all, a menace, one who had very recently and remorselessly ripped up the LEGO magazine that had just arrived in the mail. (Seriously, you should have seen the look on her face as he grew weepy over this. She was definitely spoiling for a fight.)

Nevertheless, she has won his heart, even though her presence often prevents me from playing hoops or hockey, or at least handicaps me so that I am forced to play one-handed while weighted down by 25 pounds of baby. Come to think of it, maybe he likes it that way...

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