Friday, April 13, 2012

Have We mentioned She's A Little Bit Different?

One day, a few months ago, Laura was sitting in her high chair when I flicked on the garbage disposal. I quickly glanced her way as I thought to myself, "oops, probably should have waited to do that." Or not. She positively lit up, virtually cackling with glee. Nor was this a one-time event - I started to seek items out for grinding purposes, just to amuse her. When Grampy fired up the blender, she was thrilled. When I get out the dust-buster, she follows me around with joy.

We find this surprising because Clare and Danny were both terrified of the vacuum. Even now, Danny holds his hands over his ears when I use the blender. But not Laura.

So today I decided to really put her to the test. After our Florida road trip, the van was an absolute disaster, such that even the kids remarked on its filth. Not wanting to waste precious weekend time at the car wash, I opted to drive through one on the way home from one of our runs. The above photo is how Laura looked while we were going through the washing part - you know, the potentially terrifying part with the swishing machinery and loud fans and hoses? After which she said, for the first time ever, "again!"

Moved on to the vacuums. The ├╝ber-powerful, free tubes for which I Iove this particular car wash. Now, I did not get any looks of joy, per se, but Laura simply sat in her seat, munching her snack and completely relaxed. Even when I vacuumed her carseat while she was in it.

I'm not saying I want her to be scared...exactly...but I'm not quite sure Tim and I are equipped to manage a fearless child. Guess we better figure it out.

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