Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hey There, Sports Fans

We are speedily cruising through another marvelous vacation in Buffalo. Our activities could fill plenty of posts, but I wanted to quickly make note of one theme that dominated our earliest days here: sports.

Knowing that Clare is an avid swimmer these days, Larry asked around at the Park Club and secured permission for her to practice with their swim team. He wasn't sure if this would appeal or not, but once I heard about it I would have bet a large sum that she'd say yes. Which she did, and then proceeded to ask about and discuss the opportunity frequently. She has now attended twice, and will hopefully go once or twice more, depending on our otherwise active schedule.

Meanwhile, Danny has been living the sports enthusiast's dream, alongside his Grandpa. First, he went to an open practice for the Sabres' prospective players. Then he attended the Triple A All-Star baseball game. Then he got to attend a Sabres scrimmage (and was given a sweatshirt that I'm certain will be worn out before its outgrown). I fear we're not doing much to discourage his hockey interest, but he sure is happy!

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