Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stars & Stripes & Family Forever

Another wonderful whirlwind of a Fourth of July in Topeka! We had such a grand time, as always (in between monitoring Laura's fist fights...and I wish I was kidding). Kids and food ruled the occasion, which is just as it should be, right?

Collectively, we did a lousy job of group shots, so my photos really don't paint the picture of the 11 kids and their interactions. There was a lot of swimming:

Video games and LEGOs and probably some sports talk between Danny and Paxton, who became fast buddies:

The Collins Park parade, which was very warm but still delivered plenty of charm and, perhaps more importantly, candy:

And lots and lots and lots of fireworks, courtesy of John Needham and Andy and Angelyn's neighborhood (which may never be the same again, although we do plan to return next year):

Above all, we had precious time with Grandma Eddie and Grandpa Bob. On our last evening, Laura redeemed herself as she enjoyed her dinner while serenading Grandma Eddie with "We Will Rock You":

I think what is most remarkable about these visits is how we always pick up as though it has been much less than a year since we last reunited. Until we meet again...

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