Monday, July 2, 2012

A Summer Romance of Sorts

This weekend, Danny and I had our planned, and much-needed, date together. We went to the Tellus Museum by his request, and explored the whole thing at his pace and whim. Not to mention the delightful car ride to the museum, where he had both of my ears and I found that I could actually hear everything he said (he's taken to speaking very quietly of late, particularly when he is expressing any emotion other than happiness). He frequently and spontaneously told me he loves me, and in general we had a grand time.

That said, he asked me several times if Clare would be home when we returned. When I mentioned this to Tim, he commented that Clare also seemed a bit aimless during Danny's absence. We find this is often true. Clare in particular has a developing social life that frequently takes her away from the house, but when she's home and Danny's not, we can tell she misses him. And there is no doubt that he misses her - he's distraught when she is home but chooses to spend some alone time in her room.

This summer has shaped up to be much less painful than I anticipated, and I credit their willingness to play together for much of that. There are crazy games, vague games ("Be Whoever You Want" comes to mind), and downright baffling games, but they work for the two of them (seen above as cave people). I treasure this, because I know there will come a time when preteen Clare will have no interest in that younger brother, at least not in playing silly games with him. Sure, the LEGO and Playmobil pieces strewn about get under my skin, and every day is not utopian, but for right now it's pretty great.

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