Monday, August 13, 2012

California Scenin'

The first day of school is two days away. Our 2012 Summer Grandparent Tour is officially over, and we're almost over our jet-lag. But the memories continue, as does the looking forward to next summer. Here I present our West Coast leg in photos:

Laura was much more pleasant on the airplane than I anticipated. She didn't sleep all that much, but having her own seat was truly worth the expense.

Our first week was sans cousins, which led to us discovering new outings with Grammy and Grampy, such as The Grand Tradition.

An early morning walk around Grammy and Grampy's house is not an uncommon occurrence.

Sea World was a big hit with all three kids. Clare particularly enjoyed the sea turtles.

At last, the cousins arrived, and on their first full day in town we decided to go on a harbor cruise around San Diego Bay.

After the cruise we headed to Old Town for some Mexican food and stumbled upon this aptly named sweet spot.

Laura really enjoyed the guacamole at lunch.

We scored a last-minute horseback riding lesson for all four big kids, partially due to Danny's incessant nagging.

Lunch at In-N-Out, en route to the beach.

The girls frolicked in the waves for a good three hours on our first trip, and a couple more when we returned a couple of days later. We love that the beach is an easy drive, and I suspect we'll spend even more time there next summer.

Not much of an ocean guy, Danny passed the time collecting sand crabs. Lots and lots of sand crabs.

On our last evening, my cousin John and his family drove up from Coronado, where they are now stationed with the Navy. The kids sent John a care package a couple of years ago while he was in Iraq, so he thanked them with these very cool t-shirts.

Fortunately, Laura got along with Aly much better than her Topeka counterparts, although this grocery cart did become a bone of contention. Next summer she'll hopefully be even nicer...

Lots of other memories from our time together, which is always magical. We are so blessed!

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