Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of Fourth Grade and Pre-1st

I am happy to report that both kids were very eager and excited to begin this school year. (Clare perhaps verbalized it a bit more.) It was only a half day, as CKS likes to ease them in, but as Clare spent the remainder of the afternoon saying, "I can't wait until tomorrow for a FULL day of school," I think we're in good shape. Both have waxed poetic about their teachers, were delighted to reunite with friends, and overall seem to be off to a great start!

I am fortunate to be friendly with the CKS photographer, who snapped this cute picture of Danny with one of his Pre-1st buddies who was also in his kindergarten class:

As a 4th grader, Clare gets a locker and will decorate it tomorrow. So before bed tonight she decided to cut out pictures of Olympic swimmers for the decor. Man, is she excited about this locker.

And so we are off and running...and already half a tank of gas down.

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