Thursday, January 3, 2013

When You're Two

You can be a serious imp, and repeat "Okay, fine!" over and over until your parent relents and says those very words.
You fully enjoy popcorn and (parts of) a movie (but periodically still request to "watch Steins" instead).
You wander through stores, pronouncing various items of clothing "cute" and becoming particularly enamored of handbags. This is just a little ironic when you insist on staying in your jammies that day.
You get into the action 100% with your bigger counterparts (seen here sweeping out the old year).
 You are still baby enough to fall asleep on your daddy's lap, thereby making his day.

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jennifer morlan said...

When you are two...and that cute...your grammy misses you an awfully lot. She eagerly awaits any and all pictures of you. Hardly recognized you without a bow in your hair ;-)