Thursday, May 3, 2012

Accessory to Living

At 16 months, Laura hasn't really adopted a lovey yet. (Sidebar: Danny long ago replaced that killer whale with a chihuahua that Tim and I find annoying - we're just not dog people, particularly cutesy little dogs. But Danny has a deeply-rooted devotion to this thing, so we let it ride, but admittedly snicker at it behind his back.) There are about four items that have been in her crib for several months now, and sometimes she takes notice of them, and often she ignores them.

There is one thing to which she does seem consistently attached: beads. The girl loves her beads! She's not content with just one or two necklaces, either - she methodically goes to the cabinet and retrieves all of them, painstakingly putting each set on and often declaring, "ooooooh!" once she is finished. She then carries on with her business, be it wandering around the house, running errands, or riding in the stroller.

Looks like we might have a Southern belle on our hands.

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